Why our delegates keep coming back for more...

Read why our delegates have been attending the annual AIMC for many years and keep coming back for more...

"As a producer new to the industry, I wanted to attend AIMC to find our more about the world of distributors and for professional development. I understood it was an opportunity to press the flesh, rather than hand out a script. 

Even though I have attended a lot of Screen Queensland and Screen Australia events, attending AIMC gave me a whole host of invaluable insights into the realities of distribution. The surprise factor for me was meeting the other half of the equation - exhibitors - and learning about their challenges.

As a producer of a feature which is aimed at mainstream, all I seem to hear is that Australian films don't make money. So my task is seemingly impossible. Yet my business instincts tell me that need not be. So my focus in 2014 is to maximise what I learnt by attending AIMC." Barbara Carseldine, Producer, QLD

"Since 1976 when I first tipped my toes in the water at AIMC, I have loved going! The characters in our industry, the product knowledge and atmosphere combine to make this a vitally important event for our uniquely diverse industry. Some of the key areas I find invaluable are:

  • Having a more thorough insight into the type and style of forthcoming product which, from a professional point of view, helps with future planning
  • I feel relationships are vitally important in our industry. In this electronic world, having the opportunity to chat with people face-to-face from all sectors ensures relationships are fostered
  • We don't get to see people on the technical side as often which is important with the many changes and inroads our industry has made in the past four or five years. This is the perfect chance to be brought up-to-date.

With these many changes it is important that issues such as piracy etc. are discussed, and the convention is a focal point for the industry in the greater community. NACO has worked hard to ensure we have a conference for all, and I highly recommend it to everyone in our great industry." Allan Stiles, Grand Cinemas, WA

"The Australian Movie Convention in my opinion is a must-attend event for everyone involved in the industry. Its emphasis on films and trailers for forthcoming product is invaluable in planning for our business future."  Antoinette Katehos, Ritz Cinema Randwick, NSW

"I have been attending the Movie Convention for many years, as did my mother before me, and I think it is an essential means of keeping up-to-date with the product and advancements in the industry."  Lisa Van Pinxteren, Roseville Cinemas, NSW

"I have had the pleasure of attending over 20 conventions and the event is one of the highlights of the year for me. It's great to see all the upcoming movies and attend the trade show. It's a wonderful opportunity to network and renew friendships. I find the seminars interesting and always learn something from them. The decision to relocate the convention to Jupiters was a good one, as it eradicates the bus travel to the cinemas, and is most convenient having all the events at the same facility. I am looking forward to this year's celebration of cinema."  Bob Mason, Lake Cinema, Boolaroo, VIC

 "I have been going to the movie convention for over 10 years. Since it has been moved to Jupiters it has risen to a whole new level from both a work and social point of view. I always get something out of the convention that covers the cost of the trip.

Reasons why I don't miss the convention include:

  • October dates mean that the distributors can showcase their Christmas line-up. It is vital in a 3-screen complex that you get the programming for the January holidays right.
  • The convention makes me enthused and excited about the movie industry again, particularly seeing the great product coming up. The distributors do some great presentations and give you confidence with booking their films by detailing the initiatives that they use to market their films.
  • Interaction with other independent cinema owners helps me resolve issues that I may have.
  • The distributors highlight certain movies and I am always looking for movies that would suit Ballina. The independent distributors often have movies that would suit our market and I would not have exposure to them if I didn't attend the convention.
  • The trade show has many interesting and innovative ideas, some of which I have used in the cinema."  Paul McGrath, Ballina Cinemas, NSW

"We have been attending the movie conventions for 35 years which gives us the opportunity to talk to the distributors, catch up on new ideas at the tradeshow, and of course renew friendships.  Since moving to Jupiters all activities are under one roof and the theatre certainly is a great venue for viewing movies. If you haven't attended an AIMC we certainly recommend that you do."  Edna & Norm Salsbury, Star Cinema, Longreach, QLD

"I have attended the Convention now since it was in black and white (I recall HG Nelson saying about three years ago from when it was held in a phone box). In these days where time is so precious, it is something to look forward to seeing the presentations from our distribution friends, catching up with friends and colleagues from all facets of our industry, and in my case, also speak to many of the indies for whom we program - many of these we met at conferences for the first time." Bob Parr, Wallis Cinemas, SA