AIMC pre show trailer competition

Congratulations to Lucy Sweeney of Lutwyche, QLD who is the winner of the AIMC pre-show trailer competition thanks to Digipix. Lucy correctly named 28 of the 31 films that were depicted and wins a complimentary registration to AIMC 2017.

Thanks to all the other delegates who took the time to enter - it was a tough competition! The list of film titles is shown below.

Charlotte's Web Ben Hur Jurassic Park
Ice Age Matrix Ten Commandments
Dune Wizard of Oz Star Wars
King Kong Up Forrest Gump
The Fly Terminator Lord of the Rings
Robin Hood Captain America Snow White
Psycho Toy Story 2001: A Space Odyssey
Castaway Planet of the Apes Jaws
Titanic North by Northwest Inception
Citizen Kane Friday the 13th Alien