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Updated March 23, 2018

  • Why move the AIMC when The Star gives us the convenience of everything under one roof? ac-arrow

    Continuing at The Star meant the significant rising costs would have to be passed on to delegates. And those rising costs are not just for inevitable price rises of food and beverage - they also relate to the hotel’s requirement for NACO to meet minimum guarantees for delegate functions and room numbers.

    This is an opportunity to see films on state-of-the-art digital screens with the fully immersive 360 sound of Dolby Atmos and sit in comfortable stadium-style seating - none of which are available at The Star.  The move allows us to see films in a cinema - as our most important stakeholders do.

    The two biggest complaints about The Star every year are theatre seats and food.  Here is an opportunity for positive change.

    It’s also worth remembering - both NZ & ICA conferences hold their annual conventions/conferences in cinemas and attendees stay at nearby hotels and nearly half AIMC delegates stayed at hotels other than The Star in 2017.

  • Will the dates change as well as the venue? ac-arrow

    No.  The dates are as announced last year – SUNDAY, JULY 29 TO THURSDAY, AUGUST 2.

  • How will the Convention work logistically now? ac-arrow

    The AIMC will take over Event Cinemas Pacific Fair exclusively for the duration (no public or media) and make that the Convention Hub - hosting screenings, breakfasts, lunches and a couple of the major events/speakers within the cinema and Pacific Fair environs.

    We will streamline the program so that the occasions when delegates have to leave Pacific Fair and then return for another part of the program are kept to an absolute minimum.

    Evening meals will be as follows:

    Sunday – Food provided at Welcome Function, in Pacific Fair precinct
    Monday – AIDA Dinner (venue to be confirmed)
    Tuesday – Free night followed by late screening (details to come)
    Wednesday – AIMC Gala Wrap will be held at MovieWorld

  • Will the AIMC program be very different this year? ac-arrow

    Not at all.  In the post-AIMC 2017 survey, most respondents appreciated most of the changes we made last year, so AIMC 2018 will follow that format:

    • Sunday – Golf at Lakelands, Welcome Function & Australian film preview
    • Monday – Official Opening, Keynote Speakers, Meet the Distributors, Distributor Presentations/Screenings & AIDA Dinner & Awards
    • Tuesday – Guest Speakers, Distributor Presentations/Screenings
    • Wednesday - Guest Speakers, Distributor Presentations/Screenings, Gala Wrap Function including Box Office & Industry Achievement Awards
    • Thursday – Independents Day – three screenings from independent distributors and a specially tailored session for independent exhibitors.
  • If I stay at a Broadbeach hotel like the Sofitel, will I have to walk to Pacific Fair and back every day? ac-arrow

    Only if you want to. The AIMC team will organise a bus shuttle service to operate Sunday-Thursday to collect delegates from Broadbeach and transfer them to and from Event Cinemas Pacific Fair. We will provide a timetable ahead of the Convention and confirm which hotels will be serviced by the shuttle – but we know at this stage they will include the Star, Sofitel and QT.

    For those who elect to walk from their hotel to and from PacFair, Google Maps estimates that it takes around 12 minutes to walk from central Broadbeach and about 9 minutes from The Star.

    Most of us walk part of the way to work daily – for some a 12-minute walk to the office might even be considered a luxury!

  • Will we still be given meals and how will that work? ac-arrow

    Of course - an army marches on its stomach and so do Convention delegates. Please see answer to ‘How will the Convention work logistically now?’

  • It was so convenient to pop up to my room at The Star in between sessions or to charge my phone or put away my Distributor Gift Bag? Have you thought about that? ac-arrow

    We sure have.  We will have secure cloaking facilities available at Event Cinemas Pacific Fair to cloak belongings you don’t want to keep with you in the cinema (including Distributor Gift Bags) and collect them before returning to your hotel.

    We will have phone charging and power bars within the Trade Show so that delegates can juice up their phones and/or laptops.

  • Will you do Meet the Distributors again? ac-arrow

    We certainly hope the distributors agree to participate again.  It was highly experimental last year but we learned that it has value and if we go ahead with it, we will improve on its execution. As with last year, it would only be for Exhibitors, and those interested would need to register in advance.

  • Where will the Trade Show be set up? ac-arrow

    Event Cinemas Pacific Fair has a generous foyer space which will perfectly house the Trade Show.  For the duration of AIMC 2018, the entire cinema and all its facilities will be available to us exclusively - it will be closed off from the public.

    This year, we are expecting to accommodate over 25 Trade Show Exhibitors, who will have the advantage of showcasing their products and services where they are intended to be used.

  • Where will the Registrations office be located and when will it be open? ac-arrow

    The Registration Desk will be located at the Cinema Box Office with the following Opening Hours:

    Sunday            3 pm – 7 pm

    Monday           8 am – 7 pm

    Tuesday          8 am – 7 pm

    Wednesday     8 am – 5 pm

    Thursday         8 am – 10 am

  • How much will registration cost and when will I be able to register? ac-arrow

    For AIMC 2018, the costs applicable to all delegates are as follows:

    EARLYBIRD RATE - AUD$1250 incl. GST     

    Sunday – Thursday    Book and pay before 11.59 pm AEST Mon, July 5  

    FULL REGISTRATION - AUD$1500 incl. GST    

    Sunday – Thursday     Book and pay July 6-26 
    The Earlybird rate will be the only discount available for AIMC 2018. Registrations close Thursday, July 26.

    The following Day & Evening Function prices apply.

    One day only (Mon, Tues or Wed)            AUD$500 incl. GST     
    Thursday only (screenings)                      AUD$100 incl. GST        
    Sunday evening                                        AUD$175 incl. GST
    Monday evening                                       AUD$150 incl. GST
    Wednesday evening (incl. return bus)      AUD$215 incl. GST

    Registrations will open on Tuesday, March 27.

  • Will I still be able to ‘unwind and network’ at the bar after the day’s official activities? ac-arrow

    You bet.  The AIMC Network Bar will live in the Gold Class Lounge and will be open nightly.

    During the day, the Gold Class Lounge will serve as the Business Centre, a retreat to check emails and attend to business affairs.

  • Are you still going to hold the Golf? ac-arrow

    We wouldn’t dream of not running the Golf - it made a spectacular comeback last year!  It will again be an Ambrose-style tournament, for teams of four, held at Lakelands.  We will probably start it at 11am this year instead of noon – to give people time to get ready for the Sunday night Welcome function.  We will send an eDM soon to call for team registrations.

  • Will I still be able to send my products prior to the Convention? ac-arrow

    Absolutely. If you are a Sponsor, Trade Show Exhibitor or Distributor, you will be able to send your products prior to the Convention, where they will be safely stored until required.  Pacific Fair has a state-of-the-art Receiving Dock - Sonia Deakin will be in touch with details or you can email her at sonia-deakin@movieconvention.com.au.

  • Will there still be movie screenings this year? ac-arrow

    There certainly will.  We are evaluating a couple of excellent Australian films for their suitability for screening on Sunday night after the Welcome Function.  There will be screenings right throughout the Convention, including additional studio screenings.  Thursday will be Independents Day - three of the best offerings from the independents, screened back-to-back.

  • Who will be managing the AIMC this year? ac-arrow

    We have the same team that brought you last year’s AIMC:

    Peter Puchner        Technical Director

    Sonia Deakin          Sponsorships & Event Co-Manager

    Di Campisi              Communications & Event Co-Manager

    Ella Ogden              Administration & Event/Communications Support

    Led by Michael Hawkins and Terry Jackman