Creative Content Australia

Formerly the IP Awareness Foundation, Creative Content Australia is a broad membership of film and television organisations in Australia committed to educating people about the value of screen content. Creative Content Australia aims to highlight the role of copyright and how the choices consumers make can contribute to the future of the film and television community in Australia.

Each year, the Creative Content Australia undertakes independent research into the attitudes and actions of Australians in relation to the issue of illegal downloading and streaming of films and television shows. The research is conducted by Sycamore Research & Marketing, an independent market research organisation, in conjunction with Newspoll.

Creative Content Australia shares the results of this research with the wider community to better inform the debate, dispel prevalent myths and motivate changes in behaviour.

Creative Content Australia conducts consumer awareness campaigns with propositions that aim to further educate Australians about online content theft. These campaigns are created, produced and distributed nationally with significant involvement from the film and television community - comprising in-kind contributions from actors, crew, producers, distributors, exhibitors, television networks and online businesses.

Creative Content Australia has produced educational programs for Australian secondary schools since 2007. These programs are made available for use within classrooms across the country, allowing teachers and students to discuss the issue of creativity and copyright.

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