Film Classification


All films screened for public exhibition are by law classified by the Australian Classification Board.

In addition to film classification, there are laws and regulations which govern the playing of films and film trailers, the display of film advertising materials, the age at which patrons may be admitted to public screenings of films, the types of classification information that must be displayed, and the type of films that can be shown in public screenings.

All cinemas should be fully conversant with these laws and regulations and how to comply with them. 

New Zealand

Similarly in New Zealand, the Office of Film & Literature Classification is the government body responsible for classifying publications that may need to be restricted or banned in New Zealand. 

New Zealand's censorship system was established by the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993. The censorship system is designed to protect the New Zealand public from material that is likely to be harmful, or injurious to the public good. The Act defines what is considered harmful, and establishes criteria for rating, classifying and labelling films and other publications.

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